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Tea Making competition is a 24 hours competition which tea makers are giving exact same amount of fresh pick tea leaves.  All competitors stay in the same area and use the same equipments to produce tea.  The propose of tea competition is to award tea masters that has outstanding tea making techniques.

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Date: 09/ 14/13- 09/15/13

Place: Luodong Culture Park, Yilan Taiwan

Qualify Tea Makers: 40 Tea Makers. 37 Male, 3 female.  Only one tea maker from each tea shop is allowed to enter the competition.

(Site note: 3 of our family members from 3 different tea shops are in the competition this time.  Jhentea’s Ai Fang won the second place out of 110 tea masters for the last Tea Making competition held over 10 years ago.  This is the first time Yilan government held live tea competition after 10 years.  Ai is looking to get a good result.  Uncle Cien and Uncle Yuan are also selected to be competing this time.)

Competition Rule:

  1. Tea Type: Taiwan Oolong Tea No. 12- Jin Shan
  2. Quantity: 10 Kg/ person
  3. Machines: Provided by the organization
  4. Submission: Submit no less than 1.6kg of semi finish tea after first drying process of which organizer gives back 200g of the tea to be used to finish final production.  Submit 150 g of final product before next morning 7am.
  5. The whole tea making process should be within the premises of the culture park.  Do not bring any tools outside of this area.
  6. No supervision from others is permitted during the competition.
  7. Competitors are not allowed to leave the premises until the final product is submitted.
  8. Organizer will provide meal and drinks within tea competition period.

Judge Rule:

  1. Tea Appearance: 20%. Even Curb ball, sufficiently dry without odd smell.  Color should be Dark Green, Clean and free of odd odors.
  2. Tea water appearance: 20%.  Fresh honey green color, clear through the whole body.  See through bottom of tea cup.
  3. Aroma: 60%.  30% of aroma.  Clean and linger along in the nose.  30% Flavor.  Smooth hydrate the throat.  No odd taste.
Fresh picked tea arrived.

Fresh picked tea arrived.