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How can you tell the quality of the tea you wish to buy?  How can you tell if the tea is mixed with other lower quality teas or perhaps had other enhancers added? How do you make sure you are getting what you paid for?  Here are top 4 things that you can do to make sure the quality of the tea is as good as advertised.


A. Observe Appearance

Different brew leaves2

  1. Look to see if there is difference between colors. Color should be consistant. For example, black mix yellow or green mix with yellow red which are not consitantent.
  2. Dry tea luster degree.  If tea has been store for long period of time, it will lose its lust.
  3. Whether its pearl shape of twist shape, one-bud-3 leaves should be compact.DSC_0027
  4. Fresh leaf maturity. Look to see if tea leaves is young or old.  Young tea leaves are usually smaller.

B. Smell

  1. Smell the dry tea leaves. Pre-brew scent. Dry leaves should have light and subtle aroma.  If the aroma is too strong, like perfume, chances are there are added fragrances which should be avoided.
  2. Smell hot aroma. Post brew scent.
  3. Smell cold aroma. See if aroma changed in anyway.  No odors. R0016753
  4. Smell the empty tea cup.  Does tea aroma linger even after you finish tea?

C. Observe tea flavorP1200795

  1. Sweet aftertaste, bitterness, astringency, richness,  Strenghts, mouth intenseness, sharpness degree and total brews of vessel.

D. Observe brewed leaves 

Different brew leaves

  1. Tea Spices.
  2. See if the brewed leaves are mix with different type of tea. Different shape and different colors.
  3. Brewed tea luster degree and softness.


4. Smell brewed leaves. Good quality tea usually has stronger aroma after brewed.