Tea Polyphenol

Tea polyphenol is a general term that refers to all polyphenols in tea leaves. They are highly nutritious and high in protein. In other words, it keeps you healthy.



Health-wise, it is anti-cancer and it protects one from the radiation exposure, thus slows the aging process.


Tea polyphenol’s effects in maintaining beauty and youth

Free radicals are a crucial contributor to aging. Free radicals in our skin mainly come from ultraviolet. Tea polyphenols can directly absorb ultraviolet and prevent it from damaging our skin.


Tea polyphenol functions to clear free radicals, to curb lip oxygenate and lipid peroxide in our skin. Tea polyphenols function to prevent the formation of wrinkles and delay the aging process. The anti-oxidation function of tea polyphenols is remarkably superior to that of Vitamin E; when it is applied with Vitamin C And Vitamin E, the results and effects are greatly increased.


Stop the formation melanin and beautify your skin


Tea polyphenols are water-soluble substances. They can clean the facial grease, reduce pore size on face and has multiple functions such as sterilization, disinfection and anti-aging.

Tea polyphenols can block ultraviolet and clear free radicals caused by ultraviolet so as to ensure the proper functions of melanocytes and curb the formation of melanin. Meanwhile, tea polyphenols can stop lipid oxidation and decrease the level of pigmentation.

Tea polyphenol ROCKS!