People often ask us why we spend so much time producing our own packages. To be honest, it started with a simple idea that we want to distinguish our tea-making process and our ideas of tea from others. And it all began from there—a tiny dot that connects with other dots and together they transform into the current Jhentea packaging design you see here.

Our idea of packaging should be as GREEN as possible.  Minimize impact to our environment.

We decided to develop packaging that is not made of plastic or metal as what is commonly produced for tea.  We choose to use recycle Paper for box and can.



The paper can was wrapped in exquisite coarse linen.paper can brown

paper can red



packaging drawer


Tea Seed Oil Packaging


Regardless of the packaging, what we care is the essence, or the quality of our tea. We sincerely hope that there will be more people coming to appreciate genuine and authentic tea. We would like to replace artificial tea with the purity and fragrance of authentic tea that touches your taste buds. Artificial tea might be very flavorful, tasty, convenient and even cheap. But have you tried genuine and authentic tea—the tea that contains with itself real fragrance? Have you tried the kind of tea with various levels of fragrance and tastes that evolve with time? We started out with a simple idea of inviting more people to get to know the genuine tea culture of Taiwan. Jhentea grows as we promote this idea and we would love to invite you, a fan of the genuine tea culture, to join us.

Vintage Tea Ceramic Pot

P1200768vintage packaging